Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer

The rock and roll | smart trainer combines the world’s only side-to-side free-moving fluid trainer with in ride Sensor technology to put app-based power training at every rider’s finger tips. With the rock and roll | smart, you’ll get a wide range of workout options: from intervals to threshold work to recovery spins, combined with smooth, road-like resistance. Our patented frame design provides the most comfortable stationary ride available because it allows the bike to move as it does on the road, providing less wear on the rider and a cycling-specific core workout. In ride Sensor technology allows riders to connect to the Kinetic fit App and begin a power training program. No additional on-bike sensors are needed, only a smart device that supports apps and the Bluetooth smart communication protocol. The Kinetic fit App keeps you on track with built-in workouts with target-effort levels tailored to individual riders and easy upload of workout data for analysis. The freedom of user-programmable displays, a built-in workout creator, and data features as rich as a power meter costing hundreds more place the Kinetic fit App in a class of its own. Take control of your training with the Kinetic rock and roll | smart.

Product Features

  • Quiet, smooth, progressive resistance provided by Kinetic’s patented fluid resistance unit.Works with Kinetic Fit, Zwift and TrainerRoad on Bluetooth-connected smart phones, tablets and laptops
  • Patented frame design provides the most realistic ride available and a cycling-specific core workout
  • Every Smart Trainer purchase includes a FREE 1-month subscription for the Kinetic Fit power-training app
  • Compatible with virtually all bikes, from 24″ to 700c to 29″ mob wheels.Fully assembled