Konliking 180W Electronic Physical Therapy and Rehab Bike Pedal Motorized Trainer for Handicap, Disabled and Stroke Survivor

Patent 180W MINI BIKE Upper Lower Limbs Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Exercise Serious Brain Hemiplegia Cerebral StrokePatients

Advantage of this 2nd Generation Mini Bike:
1) Bigger power : 180W 2) New 15RPM special speed design for Severe Stroke Paitents 3) Blue color controller Screen, more clearly Function: IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION LIMBS PHYSIOTHERAPY/REHABILITATION EXERCISE HEMIPLEGIA/MYASTHENIA/STROKE TRAINING HEALTH AEROBIC EXERCISE Scope of application: Healthy People (for fitness) HEMIPLEGIA patient MYASTHENIA patient CEREBRAL INFARCTION patient Apoplexia/Apoplexy/wind-stroke syndrome (of Taiyang)/Paralytic Stroke/Palsy patient Myophagism/Amyotrophy/Muscular atrophy/Sweeny patient Paraplegia,Coldness of extremities, Quadriplegia, Tetraplegia patient Parkinson’s disease,A nervous disorder, Neurotic disorder patient Severe Osteoporosis patient Long-term lie in bed after operation, Long-term bedridden patient Specification: 1) Safety alarms and motor shuts off if cycle is not operated properly 2) 4-speed: 15rpm, 30rpm, 45rpm, 60rpm and can be adjusted freely 3) Rotate & Counter-Rotate: when rotating in a contrary way, it could be adjust 4) With 2 seconds pause during the change program 5) With AUTO program setting 6) Select the MODE according to the meter of calorie or rotating 7) When the machines to be Auto-Stop over 6 seconds, then will be shut off autom atic 8) Big power: 180W, fit for serious patient whose leg can’t move at all. Please Note: This Mini Bike can only be running when the power switch is turned on. Don’t run this Mini Bike when power is off, it might destroy the machine. CLICK THE “ADD TO CART” BUTTON ABOVE NOW!

Product Features

  • 1) New upgrade Version Pedal Exercise Bike Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser, Physical Therapy and Rehab Bike,Passive Assist Motorized Trainer,Motorized Exercise Cycle

    prevent the deep veins thrombosis and urinary system infection;

    hands, improve the flexibility, strengthen muscle force;

  • 2) This Exerciser Equipment is suitable for : Cerebral infarction , Stroke hemiplegia , Cerebral palsy, Stiff joints diversification, Paraplegia, Chills paralysis of lower limbs ,

    Limb paralysis, paralysis of limbs chills, Parkinson’s disease, nerve flocculant disorderly, Osteoporosis , postoperative bed for long time, need to be active or passive exercise rehablitatioin,

    Aerobic Exercise , Knee, Foot, Leg, Arm, Hand training

  • 3) good rehabilitation after using one year : the onset of patients with cancer tubercubsis has a tendency to hemorrhage

    The Clinical signs of life is not stable,servere cardiopulmonary function disorder, joint infection ,unstatble fracture internal fixation,
    foot ulcers is (do not use the lower extremities) hand with canker (upper limbs do not use ) ,doctor don’t think is not suitable for sports ,

  • 4)Specificatioin: Powerful 180 Watt;Timer Function are 3 minutes /6minutes / 9 minutes/12 minutes/15 minutesDoing Exerciser training at home ; with Special Spasm Function

    Hand Arm Leg Foot Knee could do Exerciser training at the same time; suitable for Adult/Children;Rotation Function is clockwise and counterclockwise rotation .
    4 different adjustable speeds for different people use, improve the function of cardiovascular system;

  • 5) Best Effect after using :to stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of stimulate nerve;make muscle tension compression, enhanced the meridians backflow pressure;

    improve blood circulation;Increase joint mobility, reduce cramps. Make the body more soft;maintain or restore the ability to walk, enhance limbs coordinated ability;

    promote metabolism, blood circulation and intestinal peristalsis, poor people can use the motor drives the body a passive exercise;