Maya Cycle Bike Trailer

Maya Cycle bike trailers are compact and easy-to-use for city streets, rides to the beach, camping getaways, cross-country touring, and any other type of bike trip you would like to experience with no hassle. Maya Cycle follows directly in-line with your bicycle wheels at all times and will NOT fishtail, even downhill at high speed. Maya Cycle bike trailers ride only one meter behind your bike, making it easy to maneuver around tight turns and corners. The trailer bed easily detaches from the fork at the pivot point, converting into a fully functional wheelbarrow with simple rotation of the handle bars. The retractable kickstand will hold your bicycle upright for easy loading/unloading of cargo. Each Maya Cycle trailer comes with a FREE bag and two bungee straps. **Maya Cycle bike trailers now have a new quick-release design available for order. Let Maya Cycle carry the weight of your day! (

Product Features

  • Kickstand holds your bike and trailer upright for easy loading/unloading
  • Converts into a functional wheel-barrow for easy transport of cargo
  • Attaches via quick-release or solid axle (26 x 3/8 or M10)
  • Fits most bikes with 18″ – 700c wheels
  • Comes with FREE Maya Cycle bag and two bungee straps