Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric Mini Bike – MM-E250-PR

Who says older kids should have all the fun on our bikes? We created our Classic e-Mini for our own “kick butt, take names younger kids,” and now it is time to share it with the world! But, let’s get one thing straight – even though it was made for youngsters, our electric mini bike is not a toy; toys don’t last! Designed for the rugged outdoors, this e-Mini was built with the same durable construction and welded steel frame as our gas powered products. Better yet, we include both red AND pink decals, so, once you get this baby home, you can customize it to your liking!

Product Features

  • Simple to set up: Tool kit included. Just attach the handlebars, charge the battery pack and go!
  • Easy to charge: Comes w/ charger, connects directly to the e-Mini fully charges battery pack in 5 hrs. Always know your charge level with the charge status indicator mounted on the handlebars!
  • Built to last: With a powder coated welded tube steel frame and tough no-dent polypropylene fenders, our electric mini bike is durably constructed and ready for the rugged outdoors.
  • Safety first: With a safety speed limiter switch that toggles between 7 and 11 mph, our e-Mini was built with safety in mind.
  • What’s in the box-Monster Moto Classic Electric Mini Bike. Charger, Tool kit, hardware required to assemble the unit. Owner’s Manual. Certificate of Origin. Pink and red decal sets.