MORFAN Training Wheels for 12 14 16 18 20 22 Inch Bicycle,Kids Bike Stabiliser(STEEL)


A) 15mm Wrench and 2 x 12mm wrench

B) 2 x Adjustable Wrench

2.Hardware Included:

   2 x Bracket Brace Plates

   2 x Nuts

   2 x Washers

   2 x black caps

   2 x Shoulder Bolts

   2 x Vertical Bracket arms

   2 x Wheels

Function: Learing, Bicycle balance easy assembly. Help your children learn to ride a bike without falling over. Improve your child’s safety and confidence without needing to hold the back of the saddle.

Something you should know before deciding to buy a pair of training wheels for your kids: 

When young children start to ride a bike, the first thing they need to gain is a sense of balance. 

Training wheels or stabilizers are an additional wheel or wheels mounted parallel to the rear wheel of a bicycle that assists learners until they have developed a usable sense of balance on the bicycle  Typically they are used in teaching very young children to ride a bike, although versions for adults exist. 

On the other hand, training wheels need to be adjusted from time to time according to the learners’skills. Adjusting training wheels correctly, and raising them higher as the child’s skill increases, avoids the learners from inhibiting braking if too much weight is taken off the rear wheel by training wheels that are too low.

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Product Features

  • ★CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: MORFAN offers the excellent training wheels for the customers,Innovative design shape,Shiny & Beautiful color, And material of support pieces are made of metal, Strong and sturdy ,Support riders up to 80 pounds
  • ★FUNCTION:These heavy duty rear training wheel stabilizers provide the necessary security and stability which it needs in the first road tests on the bike.Gives your child the best start to gaining their balance and confidence without holding the back of the saddle.
  • ★HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: High-quality ABS wheels, and high-quality steel bracket arms, Our MORFAN training wheels bracket arms are 3.0mm thickness, These will be more security and stability for beginner.
  • ★APPLICATION:Fit all kids’ single speed bicycles without training wheels(Cannot Be Installed On Bikes with Derailleurs) for 12 14 16 18 20 22 inches.
  • ★INSTALLATION NOTES: 1.Insert bolt through the wheel, washer and training wheel arm. 2.Attach and tighten washer and nut, you will require two wrenches to tighten this property. 3.Remove rear axle nut from the bicycle wheel. 4.Insert axle though locking brace and fix the raised point to the bicycle frame ends 5.Determine desired height of training wheels when attached the training wheels should have about 0.5-2cm (1/5 to 4/5in) space from the ground. 6.Tighten axle nut with adjustable wrench