Mycherish 1 Pair Fixed Gear Fixie Bike Bicycle Double Bike Pedal Toe Straps Black

Material: nylon webbing + magic button
Color: Black ,Blue, Green ,Red
Application: mountain bike, specialized dead fly, the use of road vehicles Features:
1, foot wear using a dedicated high-strength nylon webbing design, while taking into account the soft, more durable, directly worn, no hand to help, than plastic and steel materials Gouzui more effective protection of shoes and feet, a month for history does not have a few pairs of shoes.
2, improved new gloves, full use self-adhesive tape, no rings, no lock, eliminating the trouble with abrasion wear the buckle between the first-class comfort.

– 1 pair pedal strap includes 2 piece.
– freestyle has some danger for the beginner, please try from one strap in case of an accident.
– There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item.

Package Including
1 (pair) x Pedal strap

Product Features

  • Material: Durable and wearable nylon With adjustable strap.
  • Improved toe strap, omnibearing self adhesive tape without buckle and shackle. It is super comfortable because it reduces abrasion between buckles.
  • Compared with single adhesive straps, this double one will be steadier and safer.
  • Package includes: 1 pair 2 piece pedal straps
  • The freestyle beginner please tie one strap firstly