Nubeam NB-600 USB Rechargeable Bicycle Taillight – Wireless Anti-theft Alarm, Directional Turn Signal Light, Electronic Bell, Rear Lamp – Wireless Operation and Water Resistant

1. Function 1) Wireless Anti-theft Alarm When the bicycle owner needs to keep away from bicycle(stop at toilet or store), she/he can set Alarm to protect bicycle from theft. 2) Safety Light The red light can be used for safety and telling “I’m here”. 3) Directional Turn Signal (Left / Right) with wireless operation Show the riding direction to the biker behind the Nubeam user. 4) Electronic Bell Give warning to biker or pedestrian for safety biking. 2. Battery Runtime (on single charging) Flashing low brightness : 15 hours Flashing high brightness : 10 hours Steady low brightness : 8 hours Steady high brightness : 5 hours Emergency Lighting : 12 hours 3. Power Saving Function If a bicycle does not move more than 10 minutes, the Lighting Unit switches off automatically. 4. What’s on the box 1 x Lighting Unit 1 x Remote Control Unit (RCU) 2 x Mount (1 for Lighting Unit, 1 for RCU) 1 x Angle adjusting screw 1 x USB Charging cable 5. Product Size / Weight Lighting Unit(WxHxD) : 4.05″ x 1.97″ x 1.02″ (103mm x 50mm x 26mm) / 2.43ounces(69gram) Remote Control Unit (WxHxD) : 1.53″ x 1.77″ x 0.79″ (39mm x 45mm x 20mm) / 0.77ounces (22gram)

Product Features

  • FCC Certified. Multi-functional Tail Light with Wireless Anti-theft Alarm. Made in Korea
  • Easy to install on seat post (lighting unit) and on handlebar (Remote Control Unit, RCU) with flexible silicon mounting band
  • USB Rechargeable (Lithium Polymer batteris). 700mA for lighting unit and 200mA for remote control unit (RCU).
  • Water resistant (IPX4, tested by SGS)
  • 2 year warranty service covers materials and manufacturing defects on the LED light housing, electronics, LED, and the mounting bracket supplied & 1 year warranty covers rechargeable battery from the purchase date. Service is provided at no cost for any manufacturing defects (internal, electrical, functional, etc. problem with the device itself) not including physical damages due to customer negligence or outside forces.