Outtag Retractable Aluminum Alloy Bike Mount Cycle Bicycle Rear Seat Post Rack (Cling-on easy install,max weight 22lb)

1, As different bicycles of seat post is not the same size and installation angle, please use the pads when you install it. And please install firmly without any loose and then load your package.

2, Due to the loading of the cargo, put in different position of the scaffold, leading to stress points. Due to the different pressure, so it is best not to over or close to the Maximum Load Weight 22lb.

3, During installation of goods or package, please do it gently to avoid uneven force causing goods fall or bike fell down.
4, This Post Rack is NOT designed for People Sitting, Please DO NOT Ride On the Post Rack !!!

Product Features

  • Made of high quality hard Aluminum Alloy,durable and sturdy
  • Easy to install,quick-release bag mounting system
  • Supports up to 22lb of cargo
  • Dimension:approx 34cm x 12 cm(L X W)
  • Package content: 1 x Aluminum Alloy Bike Mount Cycle Bicycle Rear Seat Post Rack,1 x Allen key,4 x pads for protecting the seatpost from the bike rack.