Premium Extra Soft Bike Seat For Men Comfort – Gel Cushion Dual Spring Designed Suspension – Anatomic Relief System – Bicycle Wide Seat – Bike Seat Women by Bykomft

The Bykomft extra soft bicycle seat gives new meaning to biking comfort.

The Bykomfts bicycle seat, super comfortable heavy-duty bike seats for men comfort features a unique gel bicycle seat and elastomer dual-spring suspension design that absorbs shocks and vibrations transmitted by the seat post and frame.Its also padded bike seat for women.

Measuring 10 1/5″ long, 8 2/3″ wide, and 4 2/3″ high, it is incomparably soft yet rugged.
The anatomical relief and improved leg circulation it brings to riding results in an enhanced biking experience virtually unparalleled in other saddle seats today.

With the advent of the Bykomft bike seat cushion and also for – women and children of all sizes and weights can ride pain-free on a variety of terrains for hours on end.
The seat is ideal for mountain bikes, bicycle cruisers, bike hiking, touring and excursions.This is even bike extra extra wide seat 400lb

The special bonus bike seat adapter will adapt it for riding on road bikes, fixed-gear bikes, hybrid bikes, stationery bikes, city bikes,spin bike seat cushion and just about every type of bike you can think of.

So run, don’t walk and order your new extra soft exercise bike seat cushion by Bykomft today.
Once you’ve taken a spin around town on the best bike seat around, you’ll never look back…

Product Features

  • &#128690UNCOMPROMISING COMFORT FOR YOUR BUTTOCK – The Bykomft extra soft bicycle seat cushion brings you supreme cycling comfort more than ever before! It provides improved blood circulation for the legs, while the center recess guarantees anatomic relief. This means enhanced superior riding enjoyment with no more sore bodies, aches and pains, or numbness resulting from interrupted blood flow – and no more disappointment after long-anticipated biking excursions or indoor cycling at the gym
  • &#128690SUPREME QUALITY – Strong and durable, padded mountain bike seat, the bike seats for men comfort , black-and-gray resilient imitation-leather material and construction combine in a product made to last. The unique gel cushion with elastomer dual-spring suspension design absorbs shocks and vibrations transmitted by the seat post and frame. As such, this bike seat cushion offers matchless softness and comfort for men, women and children – for the best in bike saddle comfort.
  • &#128690VERSATILITY FOR ALL KIND OF RIDERS – Even riders with extra-large body weight will delight in the anatomic relief afforded by the wide, comfortable gel bicycle seat. Whether for fun or professional purposes, surmounting bumpy terrain or traversing great distances, you’ll make it to finish line with Bykomft’s bike seats. Its padded mountain bike seat – Ideal for road riders, bike racers, bicycle cruisers, stationery bicycles, indoor, bicycle touring and excursions.
  • &#128690SPECIAL BONUS THAT IS STRONGLY USEFULL – Together with the bike saddle seat cushion we are including an unbeatable BONUS of a BIKE PHONE HOLDER+BICYCLE SADDLE ADAPTER+EXCITING EBOOK(sent by email). This will adapt your padded bike seat for women for use with nearly every type of bicycle including MTB bikes, eBikes, city bikes, and more.Also can fit as spin bike seat cushion
  • &#128690 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Your risk-free purchase is backed by a 45 Days guarantee. It’s your 100% complete satisfaction – or your money back!