Premium Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps – 2 Pk – 15 Ft Long – 3303 Lb Break Strength – Cargo Straps for Moving Appliances, Dirt Bike, Motorcycle – Large Ergonomic Grip, with BONUS Soft Loops

Gossip ratchet straps designed to provide a safe and more efficient alternative to rope, lash and other methods of securing cargo. Industrial grade ratchet strap gives you control over your loads. The pack includes 2 tie-down loops as a bonus. They are widely used with motorcycles and other motorized vehicles. These soft loops prevent scratches and damage to vehicle frame by the strap hook end. Besides, they enable you to use your tie down strap with applications where the hook will not fit.

Ratchet incorporate large comfort finger through handles and has a spring-loaded release which protects the ratchet against accidental opening. Double J Hooks are stronger than traditional S-hooks due to the double wire. Rubber coated J-hooks are highly durable and won’t rust or mar painted surfaces.


To make this joint more robust, large stitching reinforced with a stitch pattern box stitching across the 4 point. This increases joint strength compared to other straps with simplified stitching patterns. And gives you an extra safety margin to account for any additional forces and strains on the strap.

Webbing made of thick and high tenacity polyester providing strength and minimizing stretch so the tie-down retains its durability and remains reliable every time you need it.


Tie down straps effective with a wide variety of applications. They can be used with

• ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, Quad, Motorcycle, Scooter, Jet ski, Canoe, Boat, Kayak
• Furniture, Boxes, Lumber, Lawn equipment
• Motorcycle hauler, Roof Bag, Cargo Hitch Mount, Roof Top Cross Bars
• Or your camping gear

When it comes to carrying your valued cargo, safety is the thing you should be confident about. Gossip tie down strap is the solution you can rely on to keep your cargo firmly fixed.

Product Features

  • YOUR CARGO IS SAFELY SECURED – Every 15-foot strap has a total load capacity of 1000lbs, and a break strength of 3303lbs. Each tie-down strap is made of 1.5 inch wide strap, which is twice more durable and reliable than regular ratchet, lash or cam buckle straps. This keeps your heaviest cargo steadily in place during transportation.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – You can use our Gossip tie-down straps for any occasion: whether it be moving appliances, furniture at home, or on the road. Tie down your camping gear, ATV, kayak, scooter, canoe, and motorcycle to your truck. Or use them to keep the loads in the back of your van from shifting around or falling off the trunk while driving.
  • STURDY, EASY AND QUICK TO ASSEMBLE – A large ergonomic grip handle and release lever helps to tie down and unloose the strap easier than most ratchet straps. Simply pull the slack through the split spindle of the ratchet until tight and ratchet up and down by pressing on the handle until the webbing is securely winded. The spring-loaded release mechanism ensures the ratchet will never accidentally open. The double J-hook endings allow them to be used with trailer, D-ring or axle straps.
  • SUPERIOR POWER INDUSTRIAL-GRADE STRAPS – This type of tie-down strap is widely used with industrial freights for flatbed trailers, interior van trailers, moving trucks, and many other types of trucks and trailers. Enhanced plastic-covered handles and J-hooks protect your cargo from scratches.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE CONVENIENT BUNDLE – The pack includes: 2 ratchet buckles, 2 heavy duty hook straps and 2 soft loop straps. You will also receive a drawstring bag for easy storage as a bonus.