Pure Fix 44T Fixie Crankset for Fixed Gear Bike, Black, 44T

The Pure Fix 3-piece 44T alloy crank and steel chainwheel allows for a more efficient ride with a smooth cadence. The crankset makes it easier to accelerate when riding your fixed gear or single-speed bike Crankset comes with a gear ring, and right and left pedal arms. Available in a variety of solid bright colors for customizing your fixie, road mountain, BMX or track bike. Celebrating bicycling for all that it offers, Pure Cycles, built to live, ride, and thrive right where you do offers a variety of frame, geometry, and gearing options as well as a cornucopia of compatible accessories, including different styles of handlebars, saddles, water bottle cages, foot straps, and more.

Product Features

  • Three-piece fixie bike forged aluminum crankset, square taper
  • Crank arm length: 165mm
  • 1/8-inch 44 teeth chain 5 bolted crankset includes gear ring and right and left pedal arms
  • Bolt circle diameter (BCD) of 130mm
  • Fits on road, mountain, BMX, track and fixed geared single speed bikes