Rain Ponchos for Adults | Durable and Waterproof Disposable Emergency Poncho for Travel and Outdoor Activities – Clear (6 Pack)

✅ Portability and Accessibility: Neatly folded in a little zip lock bag, these ponchos can fit virtually anywhere including the glove box of your car or the back pocket of your jeans.

✅ 100% Waterproof: Never go to a concert or Disneyland unprepared, keep your clothes and your gear dry during these fun events.

✅ Good for the environment: Moses Industries Ponchos are made of an ecofriendly material that is fully recyclable.

✅ Just in case: Whether you’re out running, cycling, tailgating, or simply out walking your dog; a hooded poncho is an excellent alternative to the umbrella, bulky raincoat, or jacket.

✅ Perfect Gift or Giveaway Item: Our ponchos make for a great present for a love one or a giveaway for those in need.

Product Features

  • IDEAN FOR JOB SITES AND CORPORATE EVENTS: This pocket sized disposable rain poncho is the perfect accessory for the backpack, purse, luggage, toolbox, and first aid kit.
  • PACKABLE FOR RECREATIONAL USE: Lightweight yet thick – this portable and compact rain poncho is a must have item when you’re out traveling, camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, working, or commuting.
  • MADE OF QUALITY MATERIAL: Our disposable rain ponchos are made from brand new raw LDPE recyclable material – We do not make our ponchos out of re-used plastic which can be harmful to humans.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Heat sealed seams, reach-through sleeves, and attached hood; 50 x 80 inch fits most men, women, boys, and girls.
  • MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Our rain ponchos are simply made to endure harsh weather conditions due its supreme thickness of .027mm and 52g weight. Satisfaction Guaranteed!