Recumbent Bike Revolution- The Ever Revolving World. A Guide to Recumbent Bike, Recumbent Trike and Recumbent Exercise Bike History, Variations, Mechanics, Benefits and Race Training.

The Ultimate Tool To Unleash And Enhance Your Cycling Experience, Fun And Enjoyment!! The Recumbent Bike Will Let You Enjoy Your Cycling PAIN FREE By Eliminating Any Back Or Neck Pain!! The Recumbent Bike Is The Perfect Bike For Increased Cycling Speed & Even Out Running All Cycling Competition!! The Author wrote the Recumbent Bike Revolution for all you Recumbent Bike and Cycling Enthusiasts out there. He would like to pass on all the information that you may need or want to know about the Recumbent Bike and also includes information on Recumbent Trike and even the Recumbent Exercise Bike. With this information you will be able to make the most of this unique cycling experience and also share the love and fascination for this type of bike and the fun and enjoyment it brings. In this book you learn from the beginning the whole journey of this Recumbent Bike Renaissance and how this bike has evolved over the years. You will come to understand why people all over the world are so fascinated by this bike and how they receive so much enjoyment and benefits from this unique cycling experience. Learn how the Recumbent Bike can bring just as much and in some ways even be more of a fantastic cycling experience towards its contemporary the upright cycling bike. Here is just some of what you will learn in this book: • Where did the Recumbent Bike come from? • Why is it called the Recumbent Bike? • Are Recumbent Bikes harder to ride than the upright bikes? • Are Recumbent Bikes safer to ride than the upright bikes? • You will learn about all the different variations of the bike from the Trike to the Low racer. • Are Recumbent Bikes comfortable to ride? • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the recumbent bikes towards upright bikes? • You will learn beginners to advanced Recumbent Bike training plans included race training and nutrition. • Learn how to ride your Recumbent Bike safely. • Learn all about the Recumbent Bike cycling community and how to get involved in the cycling groups and meet-ups. Bottom Line…. If you are Recumbent Bike owner or you are interested in getting into Recumbent Bikes this book was written for you. Also if you are a general cycling enthusiast at any level this book is a MUST-HAVE guide so you can enhance your cycling experience and enjoyment through the Recumbent Bike. So Act NOW…. Secure your copy TODAY!!

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  • Recumbent Bike Revolution The Ever Revolving World a Guide to Recumbent Bike Recumbent Trike and Recumbent Exercise Bike History Variations Mecha