Recumbent Bikes for Seniors Stroke Rehab Electric Bicycle Trainer Motorized Exerciser Handicap Disabled Physical Therapy Exercise Bike Pedal for Leg / Arm Rehabilitation

·LED large screen
·Five timing mode
·Adjustable resistance
·8 different resistance regulation
·No resist adjustable output power to Anti -spasm
·Upper and lower limb exercise, separate training
·Positive inversion
·Three crank design

Rehabilitation principle:
·To stimulate the purpose of the nerve through stimulating muscle movement
·Improves the reflux pressure of the meridians and improves the circulation of the blood though exercise making the muscles stretch and compress
·Increase mobility, reduce joint spasm, make the limbs become more soft;
·Maintain or restore walking ability, increase the coordination ability of limbs;
·Promote metabolism, blood circulation and intestinal peristalsis, prevent deep channel thrombosis and urinary tract.

Suitable for those:
Cerebral infarction
Stroke hemiplegia
Cerebral palsy
Stiff joints diversification
Chills paralysis of lower limbs
Limb paralysis
paralysis of limbs chills
Parkinson’s disease
nerve flocculant disorderly
Postoperative bed for long time
Need to be active or passive exercise rehabilitation
Want do exercise to get body relaxed.

The following people please use it under the guidance of doctors:
· Having the tendency to hemorrhage or the onset of patients with cancer, tuberculosis
·Having clinical signs of life is not stable, severe cardiopulmonary function disorder ·(Please stop using it)Joint infection, unstable fracture internal fixation
· With foot ulcers (Please don’t train the lower extremities) ; with hand with canker (please don’t train upper limbs);
· If your doctors recommend that you should not use it, please do as he suggested; if you’re not sure about this, please consult your doctors first.

Product Features

  • 【Upgraded】This new therapy rehab bike is the new released item to help you do more exercise and get recovery.
  • 【Beneficial】It could stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of stimulate nerve to help you get relaxed
  • 【Specification】Size:60*42*95cm; Adjustable power: 80w-180w (AC220-240V); Weight:16Kg;
  • 【Multiple Choice】There are 4 different adjustable speeds for different people use, improve the function of cardiovascular system.
  • 【Beneficial for the followings:】Stiff joints diversification, Cerebral infarction and stroke hemiplegia/cerebral palsy, Limb paralysis, Paralysis of limbs chills, Osteoporosis, Postoperative bed for a long time, Chills paralysis of lower limbs,Parkinson’s disease, Nerve flocculant disorderly , Need to be active or passive exercise rehabilitation, Aerobic exercise and exercise.