Retrospec Bicycles Fixed-Gear Track BMX-Style Foot Retention FGFS Velcro Straps with Reflective Fabric, White

These one-size fits all Velcro Foot Retention System straps will blow you away. Whether you are using them on your road or commuter bike for the most efficient pedaling, or tricking out on your BMX or Fixed-Gear bike, this all new design is durable, comfortable and doesn’t get loose while riding. For the 2013 model we have scrapped the metal buckles and reinforced all the straps, Velcro and stitching. All new reflective lining will reflect light and make you more visible to others at night.

Product Features

  • All new 2013 Velcro Adjustable Foot Retention System (FRS) Fixed-Gear Freestyle Strap (FGFS) with enhanced strength and support
  • Reflective Lining Fabric for safer night time riding
  • These straps will help you hit all your favorite tricks and is perfect for riding around town
  • More comfortable than any other toe cage, clip, or strap
  • Perfect for Commuting, Freestyle, Fixed-Gear, Road-All new design, straps will not tear or get loose