Road Bike Tube | 60mm Threaded Presta Valve | DuroLite Tube by Freedom Bike | Fits 700 x 22-28c Tires (1 Tube)

At Freedom Bike, we got frustrated with the huge number of expensive, sub-par road tubes on the market. There are latex tubes that cost $16 each and tear on the first ride. There are cheap tubes that blow out the first time you inflate them. There are tubes with 20mm valve stems that only fit 1992 box section rims. Why can’t someone just sell an affordable tube that fits a wide variety of wheel and tire combinations? Well, now we can. The DuroLite tube solves all of these issues. It’s available in a 1-pack, 3-pack, and 6-pack. 


DuroLite Tube Specifications:

– Valve Length: 60mm

– Tube Size: 700 x 22-28c

– Tube Construction: Butyl compound

– Tube Weight: 110g

– Valve Core: Removable

– Valve Stem: Threaded


Compatible with the following size road bike tires:








Product Features

  • MORE VERSATILE: With a 700 x 22-28c size variance, the DuroLite Tube will fit a huge variety of road bike wheel and tire combinations!
  • RACE READY: With a 60mm long threaded valve stem, the DuroLite tube will not only fit your training wheels, but your deep carbon race wheels as well. The valve cores are also removable if you choose to add sealant to your tubes!
  • MORE DURABLE: We sourced a high-quality butyl rubber compound, which results in fewer flats and a longer lasting tube!
  • LIGHTER: Each tube weighs in at a scant 110g, which rivals nearly every other butyl tube on the market, and many latex tubes… but you won’t sacrifice any durability!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for some reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return your DuroLite Tube for a full refund!