Safety Night Light for Kids | Walking your dog | Easy attach to pet collar | Use as bike Lights (2Blues)


“I do all of my sports at night and those little lights can be seen from a mile a way. I put 2 on my belt and one on every shoe.”

“Since it’s winter and the days are getting shorter, I needed something to keep me safe and my dog safe as well while I go walking him at night. These lights do the trick very well! I love that it comes in a pack of 2 – I use strap on my dog’s collar and clip the other one on my jacket.”

“Finally! I don’t have to go outside in the freezing weather when I need to let my dog out – I put the light on his collar and while I clean the kitchen I can see him from our deck glass doors and know exactly where he is at all times. I highly recommend the blue variation they are much brighter than the red.”

“It gets darker so early now, we need some safety lights for our nightly walks – I attach one to my 3 year old, one to myself and one to the stroller – they are extremely bright and there is no way you can miss us in the dark – I know it’s working because I can see cars slowing down from a far distance away.”

“We dont have sidewalks in our neighborhood so we need more visibility when i walk my dogs after work at dusk. It’s very nice and bright and in this darkness it almost works as a nightlight. The flashing feature is intense if it’s on a dog in front of you but would be great if you put it on your back like on a backpack for joggers and hikers and bikers at night to make you really visible to traffic.”

Our Hercules Tuff lights also come with a 1-year replacement warranty for defects, and a one-time lost warranty – if you use it during a walk or run and lost it, we’ll send you a new one (no, we’re not kidding).

Product Features

  • **BEST STOCKING STUFFERS EVER!!** (stocking not included) – best gift under $15 for pet lovers, dog walking lights, cyclists, and general pedestrian safety
  • **WHY WE’RE BETTER** Strong REINFORCED spring clip – whereas other lights may not secure well and tend to fall off during a walk or a jog, our strong reinforced clip adheres very well to your jacket, backpack, or sports attire. Going hiking or walking in an area that does not have a sidewalk? Clip on your clothes easily and be seen. Lost a light during a jog or a run? No problem! Email us, we’ll send you a new one.
  • **VERSATILE IS OUR NAME** Use on bicycles as warning rear blinking lights – put one there, and use another on your helmet, you will be seen from both directions of incoming traffic and cars behind you, this means you can ride your bicycle and cars from both directions will see you.
  • **FREE EXTRAS INCLUDED** Instead of just sending you lights preloaded with batteries, we’ve decided to up the game: We’re sending you preloaded lights plus 4 extra batteries, which means that your lights will last twice as long!
  • **WE UPPED THE GAME AGAIN** We’ll up the game again – if you run out of battery life just send us an email and we’ll send you a new set, for free, with free shipping, up to 10 times (No, we’re not joking).