Saris Bike Beam Trunk and Hitch Rack Crossbar Adapter for Dual Suspension and Women’s Bicycle Frames

By creating a virtual top tube for specialty frames, the Bike Beam lets you bring any bike along for the ride.If you have a non-traditional bike frame–such as a full-suspension or a women’s bike with slanting frame–the Saris Bike Beam will help you transport the bike using your trunk or hitch-mounted rack. It attaches from the seat post to the handlebar area of the bike to create a level beam that can be easily stored on a rack.

Product Features

  • Use for the hard-to-mount frames onto standard car racks
  • Ideal for lady, kids or full suspension bikes
  • Can be used with rear and hitch mounted bike racks
  • Made in the USA
  • Attaches from the seat post to the handlebar stem to make a straight bar
  • Compatible with any bike rack