SciCon Limited Edition Aero Comfort Plus 2.0 Travel Bike Case Tdf, One Size

When you’re waiting at the oversize baggage claim, anxiously scanning the area and hoping beyond hope that your precious cargo arrives unscathed, it’s nice to have a case that’s as easy to identify as it is protective. The SciCon Limited Edition Aero Comfort Plus 2. 0 Travel Bike Case pairs stellar, soft-case security with bright graphics that pays homage to the leaders’ jerseys of that big race in France in a style reminiscent of Mondrian’s modernism. Hard cases may be the gold standard for nuke-proof bicycle protection while traveling, but they’re a bit of a logistical nightmare with their unwieldy size and weight. Also, finding a cab with enough real estate to tote you and that giant hard case to the hotel when your flight finally arrives in the wee hours of the morning is nothing short of working miracles. Given these constraints, we’re okay with sacrificing a tiny bit of protection and gain a whole heap of travelling convenience with cases like the SciCon Aero Comfort Plus. Given the fact that seven World Tour teams also trust SciCon, we’re not alone. It helps that this convenience extends to the unpacking and reassembling stage, as the Aero Comfort Plus boasts the distinction of being one of the only cases we’ve seen that lets you leave your seat post and handlebars untouched. the bag is made from sponge-padded Nylon 840 with SciCon’s ISS (Inside Stabilizer System) alloy anti-shock structure. ISS features a fork block and rear axle mount complete with a rear derailleur protector. All you need to do is remove your wheels and stow them away in the padded wheel pockets, mount your dropouts to the ISS frame, strap the bike down, zip the self-healing zippers around the case, and you’re ready to trust your baby to the capricious whims of the TSA. The Aero Comfort Plus has 40mm wheels at the bottom of the bag and a shoulder strap for ease of mobility. The case also includes a rear derailleur shield and TSA-certified locks to ensure your precious cargo rides secu…

Product Features

  • Material: 840D nylon
  • Capacity: 1 bike
  • Rolling: yes
  • Pockets: 2 wheel
  • Padded: yes