SIGTUNA Bike lock – 16mm Heavy Duty Bicycle Lock with U Lock Shackle and Mounting Bracket + 1200mm Steel Flex Cable Lock

With 650+ 5-star reviews here are 5 More Reasons to BUY your 16mm Heavy Duty Bike Lock U-Lock TODAY:

1.) Tested and ‘Tested’ – Not only do we lab-test our bike locks, but we give our bicycle locks a serious GO ourselves as well. Fun ensured!
2.) Double Bolt – A Double Bolt Mechanism secures both sides to the crossbar for high resistance to pulling, jacking and prying.
3.) Extra Security – A braided 1200 mm Flex Cable is included for extra security or locking several bicycles at once.
4.) Convenience – With a sturdy Mounting Bracket, a One-Button Release and a Velcro Strap parking your bike every day is like a walk in the park.
5.) Durabililty – With a Hardened-Steel U-shackle, a sturdy Mounting Bracket and a braided Bike Lock Cable this bicycle lock will protect your bike season after season.


Product Features

  • PROTECT WHAT YOU VALUE ► This Sigtuna U-lock model WODAN is made of 16MM High-Performance Steel for Extensive Holding Power and Resistance against Cut and Leverage attacks. With SIGTUNA Locks you really protect what you value!
  • ANTI-THEFT DESIGN ► This Model U-lock has a High Security Disc-Style Cylinder and Double Deadbolt locking mechanism, very effective against Leverage Attacks.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO USE ► This model SIGTUAN U-lock comes with a Sturdy One-Button Release Mounting Bracket, Protective Vinyl Coating and a Key Hole Cover. With SIGTUNA your bike is secured Season after Season!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ► If this U-lock is not the favorite you ever owned – some say it is heavy, that means quality – just return it and get a full refund. Sigtuna Locks stands for its products. Our customers love that, we know you will too!
  • ORDER NOW ►► Want to have tomorrow? Just click “Add to Cart” NOW to get your 16mm SIGTUNA Bike U lock with Flex Cable and enjoy more awesome rides knowing your bike is 100% secured!