The Electric Bike Book


There is an electric bike revolution taking place around the world, yet most Americans are unaware of it. Indeed, most Americans couldn’t answer the question, “What is an electric bike?” But get ready to discover how these amazing machines can improve your life and quite literally change the world.
In The Electric Bike Book, author Jim Turner gives us an informative and entertaining look at the rapidly expanding world of electric bicycles. Forget the do-it-yourself garage projects with clunky motors mounted on heavy cruiser bikes. The reality is that hi-tech, modern electric bicycles have come of age in Western Europe and America, where quality manufacturers and some of the world’s best engineers are introducing amazing new technologies and design. The results are innovative and highly efficient electric bicycles that provide safe alternative transportation in such a fun, healthy and environmentally responsible manner as to make urban automobile use obsolete.
Jim Turner is an expert in the field of electric bikes. He designed and builds the Optibike, considered one of today’s premiere electric bikes. Indeed, the New York Times called the Optibike the “Ferrari of Electric Bikes”. The book has information on all aspects of electric bikes, including the styles of motors, quality of batteries, mileage range and energy efficiency, and how easy it is to get your exercise while enjoying a fun ride. What is an electric bike? Come on along for the ride and find out!