Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Thule’s newest premium hitch also comes in a swing-away version for convenient rear of vehicle access.

The Thule 9027 Apex swing away is a four-bike hitch mount carrier for use on vehicles with previously installed 2″ hitch receivers. It is designed for cycling enthusiasts and families that want the stability, functionality and space-saving rear orientation of a hitch mount bike carrier, but not the restrictions on the opening and closing of vehicle hatchbacks that often go along with those same carriers. Features include: a “swing away” design, an integrated hitch pin, an arc arm design for easier bike loading and carrying performance, increased mast height, Thule Hold Fast cradles and no-sway cages, fold-down bike arms, locks for securing the carrier and the bikes, and an integrated carrying handle.

Accessing a hatchback by swinging the Thule 9027 Apex swing away 4-bike hitch mount carrier to the side Hitch mount receiver stowage for four bikes with swing to the side action that ensures access to rear vehicle openings.
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Premium Four-Bike Hitch Receiver Stowage That Doesn’t Block Hatchbacks

The 9027 Apex is arranged in two primary sections: an upright mast assembly with folding arms to support bikes, and a two-piece, horizontally folding swing arm assembly. Included hardware and generic tools provide for easy combining of the mast and swing arm sections, which terminates in a 2″ hitch that is inserted into the vehicle’s hitch receiver. The carrier ensures access to rear hatchbacks, even when fully loaded, through its spring-loaded mechanism that connects the two assemblies and that allows the entire unit to be pushed to the passenger side of the vehicle. As this is done the two folded pieces of the swing arm unify along a single plane, and are held in place by a tethered hold-open pin. A moveable joint at the edge of the outer end of the swing arm and below the mast assembly can also be secured in place using the carrier’s main lock-up pin. This ensures that bikes extended to the side will not pivot and make contact with vehicles. When not swung out to the side, the carrier automatically centers itself against the rear of the vehicle, the two pieces of the swing arm pressed together by spring loaded joints, which is locked in place by the lockup pin, which clicks into position automatically. A turnable locking handle positioned at a 90-degree angle to the lockup pin provides additional security when the vehicles is in motion.

An installed Thule 9027 Apex swing away 4-bike hitch mount carrier in the locked position Special arched bike arms, Hold Fast cradles, no-sway cages and a cable lock keep bikes stable and secure.
View larger The lock-up pin of the Thule 9027 Apex swing away 4-bike hitch mount carrier in the open position The easy-to-use lockup pin secures the mast section of the carrier in all positions.
View larger An unloaded Thule 9027 Apex swing away 4-bike hitch mount carrier with bike arms folded down Bike arms fold down and out of the way when the carrier is not in use.
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The 9027 Apex has a four bike carrying capacity. Stowed bikes sit on top of Thule Hold Fast cradles, which are attached to bike arms that fold up and down from the carrier’s mast section. Hold Fast cradles feature a soft, rubberized texture that cushions bikes and heavy-duty rubberized ripple straps to hold them tight. To provide maximized bike stability, bike arms also feature no-sway cages. No-sway cages are rigid rubberized bike rack components that attach to the lower edge of the bike arm, hanging below the bike cradle (one for each bike). As the top tube of bike frames rest on the cradles, the no-sway cages attach to the vertical tube section of bike frames with included straps. This holds bikes firmly in place without the need of a heavy wheel tray sometimes incorporated into hitch mount carriers. Bikes can be locked to the carrier with a cable lock (included). The cable is retractable, pulling out of the mast section when needed, and automatically stowing there when not needed.

Integrated Hitch Pin and Locking Functionality

Another valuable feature of the 9027 Apex swing away four-bike carrier is its integrated hitch pin, referred to as an auto pin. This pin provides the main connection between the carrier’s 2″ hitch and a vehicle’s 2″ hitch receiver. The auto pin is spring loaded and built into the swing arm section of the carrier. To install, simply lift the auto pin slightly as the carrier’s hitch section enters the vehicle’s hitch receiver. The auto pin will click into the hitch receiver’s pin hole automatically. The carrier’s locking knob can then be twisted tight to secure the connection further, and locked into place with the lock (included) embedded into the knob, securing the carrier to the vehicle.

Key Features

Hitch carrier for transporting up to four bikes Swing-away design allows a fully loaded hitch rack to swing away from the vehicle for rear of vehicle access Compatible with 2″ hitch receivers Integrated auto pin functions as hitch pin, and moves into place with an audible click Snug-Tite receiver lock virtually eliminates hitch rack movement in hitch receivers, and locks the carrier to the vehicle Hold Fast RDT (Road Dampening Technology) cradles absorb the shock of the road protecting your bike during transport Arc design of the arms gives bikes greater clearance off the ground and provides greater distance between bikes, preventing contact Increased mast height for improved ground clearance Patented No-Sway cages prevent bike to bike contact Heavy-duty integrated lock along the bike arms allows you to lock the bikes to rack and stores in the carrier mast section when not in use Integrated handle for easy carrying and handling Top-oriented hitch switch lever allows the bike arms to fold down when not in use


Capacity – Four bikes Hitch receiver compatibility – 2″ only Weight limit – 140 lbs. (63 kg.) Bike to carrier locking functionality – Yes (cable and lock cylinder included) Carrier to vehicle locking functionality – Yes (integrated hitch lock included) Fits most bikes with disc brakes – Yes

What’s in the Box

Thule 9027 Apex swing away five-bike hitch mount carrier All necessary assembly hardware and tools Integrated hitch pin Hitch lock and cable lock, with lock keys and lock cylinder change key User’s manual/instructions and warranty information

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thule will warranty all Thule brand car rack systems and its accessories manufactured by Thule during the time that an original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates if a purchaser transfers the product to any other person. No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, scratches, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, or modification of, or any types of repair of a load carrier system other than those authorized by Thule.

About Thule

Thule was founded in 1942 by the Thulin family, when Eric Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors, put the Thule name on a pike trap he designed and began to sell in Scandinavia. It wasn’t long before he added other practical items to the company’s portfolio. By the 1960s, the company began to concentrate on car-related products, including its first roof rack. The Thulin family sold Thule to the publicly listed company Eldon in 1979, and it has continued to grow both organically and through acquisitions ever since. The Thule Group is a world leader in providing transport solutions for an active life.

Product Features

  • 2″ hitch mount carrier for transporting up to four bikes that swings to the passenger side whether the carrier is loaded or unloaded, allowing access to vehicle hatchbacks
  • Bikes lock to carrier, and carrier to vehicle using the included cable and hitch locks
  • Integrated auto pin functions as hitch pin, and moves into place with an audible click
  • Hold Fast cradles absorb the shock of the road protecting your bike during transport and patented No-Sway cages prevent bike to bike contact
  • Top-oriented hitch switch lever allows the arc style bike arms to fold down when not in use
  • DO NOT install on a trailer or other towed vehicle