TOPCABIN Camouflage Series Comfort GEL Road Bike Handlebar Tape Bike Bar Tape with Reflective Bar Plugs (Red (a pair))


Camouflage Series Bike Handlebar Tape;

Main Color : Black, Blue, Silver

Tone;Bar Plug Diameter : 0.7″ Tape Size : 82.6″ x 1.1″ (L*W) Total Weight : 48g

Package Content : 2 x Bike Handlebar Tape,2 x Bar End Plug

Overall length of each one: 2M

Product Features

  • Fade resistance and water resistant
  • Soft, durable construction with GEL
  • Polyurethane tape imbedded with cork for superior grip and cushion
  • Good stable anti-slip and water absorption properties, touch comfortable
  • You can use it for stroller, bicycle and so son