UPANBIKE Bike Storage Bag Outdoors Travel Bicycle Carrying Bag Transport Case For 20inch Folding Bike

This bike carrying bag is perfect for train or bus travel when you are bringing along your bike or for storing your bike in your car apartment or boat.

Material:High-grade 600D intensity polyester fabric+300g non-woven fabric inside.
Carry Bag Size(L*W*H):85cm*33cm*69cm(33.5”*13.0”*27.2”).
Bag Unfolded Size(L*W):138cm*85cm(54.3”*33.5”)
Weight:about 1300g(45.85oz).
Color:Black;Army Green;
Fit:Suitable for most 20inch folding bag.
1.Thicker double layer fabric,high tear resistance,wear resistance.
2.Multifunction:This package uses a zipper to pull the lowest end design,very easy to pick up.After the zipper pulls to the bottom,unfolded can be used as a picnic mat.
3.Two shoulder straps run through the bottom,the bottom of the design + knot sewing,very strong wear and tear.
4.Outside the package with a small bag, you can commonly used items and gadgets.
5.Bike carrying bag with a special storage bag,storage bag with a large opening design,will be packed after the package can be easily loaded and put out.
6.Carrying bag’s special storage bag can be fixed in the handlebar, frame, after the shelf, backpack and other portable way, light and easy to carry.
7.Equipped with multi-function handle,can be as a handle bag,can also shoulder.
8.Tips:Keep away from fire and sharp items.
Pack Note:First the bike is completely folded,the seat post and saddle adjusted to the lowest position,and then open the carrying bag completely,zipper pull in the end,Finally put your bike in and pull the zipper.

Product Features

  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】:High-grade 600D intensity polyester fabric+300g non-woven fabric inside,high tear resistance,wear resistance.
  • 【FIT 20” FOLDING BIKE】:85cm*33cm*69cm(33.5”*13.0”*27.2”).Suitable for 20″ folding bike.
  • 【MULTI-USE】:this bag not only a bike carrying bag,but also can be use as picnic mat.
  • 【EXTERNAL POCKET】:External pocket can hold some practical bike tools or other things.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY】:With Storage bag inside,can storage the folding bike carrying bag and fix the bike carrying bag on handlebar,pannier,rack or backpack.