Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Bike Tires, Full Black, 700cmx19/23

The Vittoria Rubino Pro is probably one of the most popular tires off all time. Few other tires come even close to matching the Rubion Pro in weight, durability, all-around performance and grip. But Vittoria is never one to rest on their laurels, which is why when they came up with the G+ IsoTech concept for the Corsa tire, it was only a natural extension to flow that technology down to the Rubino. The result is that one of the best all-around tires has now become even better. The all-new Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ road tire brings the same handling and durability you (and everyone else) loved about the original, but now has a graphene carbon compound mixed into the rubber layup for increased mileage, puncture resistance and durability. That all sounds great, but the G+ compound goes even one step further and improves the cornering grip and rolling resistance as well. Combine that with a 3C three-compound rubber layup which helps give the different areas of the tire different handling properties.

Product Features

  • G+ compound adds graphene to the tire rubber for better wear life and puncture resistance
  • 3C four-compound layup gives you three different rubber compounds for different handling properties
  • Thicker tread and supple casing improve puncture resistance and ride feel
  • Casing: nylon
  • Puncture protection at tread center and side wall