WOVTE Mini Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge, 210 PSI Premium CNC Aluminum Mini Portable Air Bike Pump with Hose & Frame Mount Kit Fits Presta & Schrader for All On & Off Road Tires

Built-in Pressure Gauge

The WOVTE mini Bike Pump offers a factory tested 210psi pressure gauge for added protection.This ensures that the tire is inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations which prevents damage that may occur due to over inflation.With proper tire psi readings you will enjoy smoother rides and fend off premature wear & tear on tires.Most mini bike pumps disregard this feature which causes frustration for many riders literally down the road.

Flexible and Long Hose

The flexible hose allows more pressure to be concentrated from the piston,through the hose and into the tire for faster inflation.The long extendable hose along with the adjustable valve cap gives enough hand space you need between bike spokes to securely fasten the stem to valve. No more hit or miss, just screw> tighten> pump

Red air escape valve

Red air escape valve for air escaping or pressure reducing when over inflating,NO need to take away the air pump.

Presta and Schrader Valves

This unique style of frame pump allows for a secure fit on both valves types with out leaks.Having excess leaks can delay your pump action and cause arm fatigue.

Built To Last

The WOVTE mini bike pump with it’s aluminum alloy casing and durable pump action piston is solely designed to deliver a high performance experience.Each unit is machine tested and certified for performance standard before leaving the factory.

Package included:
1xBike air pump
1xbike mount bracket kit
1xbasketball needle

Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

Product Features

  • BUILT IN PRESSURE GAUGE – Inflate tire to manufacturers recommendations. Prevent damage from over inflation. No need to use an external gauge. HIGH PRESSURE – With the 210 psi / 15 bar CAPACITY you can easily inflate any bike tire or basketball football etc in a short time.
  • SIMPLE & FAST SCHRADER TO PRESTA COMPATIBILITY – Easily & quickly switch between Presta and Schrader easily & quickly to screw onto your tire valve with No Air Leaks and No More Getting Stuck on the tire valve and damaging it.
  • CONNECTOR FLEXIBLE HOSE – Connector Hose for easy connection & to prevent breaking valves. Less stress on tire stem while attaching and pumping bike tire.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & ULTRA COMPACT BUT DURABLE – Superior quality CNC machined aluminum alloy with durable and precise parts – Designed to last a lifetime. Frame mount bracket. Fits mountain & road bikes.
  • DUAL ACTION INFLATION PROVIDES FASTER PUMPING – This means you can inflate a tire with half the pumps and half the effort.