ZipBike Bike Lift Hoist- Premium Ceiling Mounted Mountain Bicycle Hoist For Garage Storage- Top Sturdy, Safe Design 100LB Capacity For Ceiling Bike Storage- Save Space & Effort In Storing Your Bicycle

Store Your Bike Safely!

Have you decided to start storing your mountain bike safely in the garage to save it from rain, snow or the scorching summer sun?

Are you looking for a solid, trustworthy bike hoist system to suspend it on the ceiling, storing it overhead and de- cluttering your garage area?

Say Hello To The Last Bike Ceiling Mount You Will Ever Need!

Free precious floor space in your garage and protect your bike from scratches and dings with the sturdiest, handiest, most durable bike hoist on the market!

Made to carry your gear in the safety of your garage, keeping it locked overhead, out of the way yet easy to access every time you need it, ZipBike bike pulley system is a godsend for peace of mind and neat organisation!

Greatest Lifting Capacity

The thick, heavy-use ropes and the rubber-coated hooks that protect your gear from scratches while carrying it make an overall sturdy, reliable construction with a LIFTING CAPACITY OF 100LB, much above the average capacity featured by most common bike hoists available on the market!

Universal Fit

With adjustable distance between the hooks, our bike lift is ideal for ROAD BIKES, MOUNTAIN BIKES, TRICYCLES or TANDEMS, securing your gear safely overhead to prevent clutter and mess and offer you the luxury of free space in your garage.

An Amazing Gift

Easy to install and handy, our bike lift hoist makes an excellent gift to all your loved bicycle, tricycle or tandem holders! Offer it on all occasions and have the lucky recipients thankful for your excellent taste!

Get Your Own ZipBike Bike Ceiling Mount For Convenience & Style In Your Bicycle Storage!

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Product Features

  • LARGEST LIFTING CAPACITY: Lift your bike to store it safely in your garage effortlessly and in no time with premium ZipBike garage bike lift! The sturdy manufacture and the ergonomic design of this high-end bike hoist offers the MAXIMUM CAPACITY of lifting full 100lb, making a trustworthy, durable construction.
  • DURABLE, RELIABLE DESIGN: The thick, STURDY ROPE and the RUBBER-COATED HOOKS in this durable garage bike hoist make a solid, reliable construction with guaranteed longevity that will allow you to be carrying your bicycle safely, avoiding scratches and damages for many years to come.
  • SAFETY ROPE LOCKING MECHANISM: We take best care of your mountain bike, suspending it on the garage ceiling to protect it from the elements and save it from theft! This is why we have equipped our bike storage pulley system with a solid safety locking mechanism that will take your bike inside in top safety, preventing damage from unwanted release!
  • INSTALLATION MADE A BREEZE: Just fix one the clamps on the handlebars and the other on the seat, to lift your bike up to the ceiling. The locking mechanism will keep it there secure and out of the way, until you decide to set off on your next bike ride! Perfect for all ceilings up to 12ft high, our bike pulley system is a killer space and energy saver!
  • NO QUESTIONS 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: At ZipBike we are proud of the quality engineering of our bike host- this is why we are backing it with the friendliest customer service and full refund policy, to keep things as simple as this: LOVE it, or your money back!