2 PACK Money Saver – Thorn Resist Tube, 26 x 1.95-2.35 32mm SCHRADER Valve, Sunlite. Mountain Bike, Cruiser, MTB, MTN Bicycles Replacement Tube Puncture Resistent

Thorn Resist Tube, 26″ x 1.95-2.35 32mm SCHRADER Valve, Sunlite. A thorn resistant bicycle inner tube that is 7 times thicker than a standard inner tube. It provides more resistence from puncture that could be caused by objects such as a thorn, sticker, sand burr or goat head sticker. It’s thickness also provides extra protection from the spoke nipples on the rim. It’s imperative you maintain proper air pressure with this thicker and heavier tube. See tire manufacturers minimum and maximum pressures on the side of the tire.

Product Features

  • 26″ x 1.95 – 2.35
  • 32mm Schrader Valve
  • 2 Tubes, each in their own box.
  • Mountain bike, cruiser, comfort or any other bicycle with the same tire dimensions
  • Be sure the tire bead is seated evenly all around the rim by first adding a little air to the tire, checking the bead on both sides and if beaded properly continue filling air to the correct pressure as stated on the tire. For the health of your tire and tube always maintain the proper air pressure. See the side of your tire for minimum and maximum pressures. This inner tube can handle any air pressure that is designated on your bicycle tire.