2 PACK – TAC-9 Bike Tubes, 26 x 1.95-2.125″ Regular Valve 32mm – With optional rim strips and tire levers

TAC-9 Inner Tube – 26″ x 1.95 – 2.125 SV 32mm. 26″ diameter by 1.95″ – 2.125″ width will fit any tire that is within these dimensions. It has a reinforced regular schrader valve 32mm in length. For use on but not limited to kids youth bicycles, Strollers, trailers, recumbents or any tire with the same tire dimensions. Our butyl inner tubes with reinforced Schrader valve stems are top quality tubes at an affordable price. Each of our tubes are quality controlled for defects. We 100% guarantee it! PLEASE READ, VERY IMPORTANT: This applies to ANY brand of tube. To avoid a tube explosion (caused when a tire is not properly beaded/hooked to the rim) we strongly recommend incremently adding air to a completely flat tire (such as when changing an inner tube). Add ONLY about 15 psi and then inspect the bead or hook of the tire to the rim all the way around AND on both sides. You should see a line on the tire for a reference which should be approximately the same distance from the rim all the way around. If not then you need to re-seat the tire into the rim to ensure it is completely beading / hooking to the rim. Otherwise the tire could slip off the rim, at the point where the tire isn’t seated properly, allowing the inner tube, that has air pressure in it, to force it’s way between the tire and rim to the outside which would very likely cause the tube to explode. Most people want to blame it on a defective tube but the tube cannot explode if it’s contained within the tire and rim. It can only explode when it rapidly slips out between the tire and the rim. It’s simple physics! :o)

Product Features

  • TUBE: 2 Tubes – 26″ x 1.95 – 2.125″
  • VALVE TYPE: 32mm Schrader Valve with Reinforced Base (SEE IMAGE) and Black Plastic Cap. Valve is removable.
  • Please follow inflation instructions when airing a tire from a complete flat.
  • Pressure rating is dependent on the PSI rating of your tire. Can handle up to 160psi. DO NOT inflate above pressure rating on tire!