7TECH Bright Led Bike Wheel Light LED Mini Spoke Lights – 4 Pack

Bike Bicycle Cycling/Tyre Wheel Spoke/ LED Light Lamp/Bike Spoke Light
1. Fueled by an efficient LED,long life replaceable batteries.
2.2.It is suitable for almost all childrens’ and adults’ bike,them can let your child’s bike look clazzing.
3.Experiencing cool feeling, making your bike unique.
4.EASY TO ATTACH – Just press this LED bike light onto the spokes of your bicycle wheel and slide towards the rim until the fit is tight, and it stays securely in place.
5.Fits almost all sizes of bikes.

Product Features

  • Bright LED illumination in a 4 pack featuring 2 Red, 2 Yellow.
  • Easy to attach and remove on most common spoke types – oval, round and bladed.
  • Twist on/off, comes with two illumination mode options: steady glow or continuous flash.
  • Includes easily replaceable battery – CR 927 3V Lithium; run time 50 hrs.
  • Weather resistant, Safety and cool factor when you ride your bike especially at the light.