Bicyclebungee–Tandem Cycling on Two Bikes, Smooth Bike Tow, Ride With Your Kids!

Ride together, Not Alone! With Bicyclebungee, two cyclists can ride together on separate bicycles in tandem, regardless of the skill level of either rider. The slower rider can enjoy a more independent and better quality of ride, and the stronger rider can ride at his/her own pace without leaving the companion behind. Both riders get to work out at their desired level while staying together. The Bicyclebungee features a bungee cord with the perfect length, strength, and elasticity to safely tow and smoothly absorb the speed differences between the two riders. The carbon fiber construction is very light and durable. The built in auto-retracting reel ensures that the bungee’s slack is safely contained within the Bicyclebungee at all times for seamless transitions and no messy, dangerous tangles! Towing another bike has never been as easy and refined as with the Bicyclebungee. Bicyclebungee is a great way to get out and ride with your kids or riding partner, and for competitive cyclists, it ideal for resistance training. Using the Bicyclebungee is very easy. It quickly attaches to the seat post of the front rider. The hook on the bungee cord simply connects to the handlebar of the rear rider. Hooking and unhooking only takes a second and can even be performed while moving. The Bicyclebungee has a standard manufacturer’s warranty of one year. Bicyclebungee stands behind its product. If you are ever dissatisfied with your Bicyclebungee in any way, please contact Bicyclebungee USA immediately.

Product Features

  • Tandem bicycle riding with two independent bicycles–Ride together, not alone!
  • Made of carbon fiber: light, durable, safe, and easy-to-use. Very easy to install and remove
  • High strength bungee cord absorbs all of the tension for a smooth bike tow and built-in automatic cord reel retracts cord smoothly and safely
  • Fits all standard seat post diameters from 27.2 mm to 31 mm
  • The only bike towing accessory of its kind-developed in New Zealand, the land of bungee!