Bike Bag for Cell Phone, Bicycle Front Shelf Large Storage Bag, Waterproof 6.2 inch Touch Screen Mobile Phone Bag,Outdoor Cycling Bicycle Accessories(Silver)

Color: Red, Blue, Silver, Green

Weight: 0.62 lbs

Packing volume: 5.5 * 7.8 * 5.1 inches

Installation::At the botton of the bag.There are two velcro straps fixed on the top tube.And at the front of the bag, There is one velcro strap fixed on the erect handlebar tube. The three straps make the bag fixed very tight.It will be better if the bike frame is thick.

Package contains:1 mobile phone screen bag and 1 double tube bag.


1. Because of the waterproof design, The zipper will be a bit tight, not quality issue, please do not worry about this.

2. This bike bag is more suitable for thicker frame, it fit on the fat bike better.(If your bicycle frame is small, place a towel or cloth underneath your bike bag so you can fit it more securely fixed on your bike.)

6.2 inch large screen design, compatible phone , Iphone 6s, Iphone7, Iphone7plus,Iphone8,Iphone X, Samsung Galaxy S7,Galaxy Samsung 8 Huawei mobile phones and so on.

Buy this product,a month are not satisfied,can return.

Product Features

  • Touch screen: waterproof sensitive TPU touch screen, in front with a professional sun protection board, protect the eyes, no longer because of glare dazzling and can not see the phone interface,use the phone map or answer do not take out the phone, very convenient.
  • Large capacity: The bike package has three fully lined storage rooms,enough space for the necessary items such as mobile phones,keys,glasses,repair tools,cigarettes, lighters and other scattered small items.
  • Headset connection hole:Designed with headphone jack,the phone can be connected to the wired headset,you can ride a bike to listen to music,make music more free,make your journey more relaxed and happy.
  • Easy access:Large-screen mobile phone bag with magic stickers loading and unloading,you can separate,you can directly call,see the news, play games.
  • Material:waterproof high-grade fiber leather fabric,rain, the inside will not be wet,zipper pocket easy to open or close.