Bike Lights Front and Back – Bike Lights Set 4 – Bright Bicycle Lights Front Rear Waterproof Silicone – Cycling Lights for Mountain Roads Night Cycling – Brighter than Helmet Lights – Not Rechargeable

Why you need FFEXS’ Bike lights?
Every week you cycle through the city and even though this is better than driving a car or use public transportation it can be more dangerous. You are more vulnerable on a bike and especially at night. Bike lights make sure people see you in the dark and provide you a safer situation. In addition they help you see more in the dark.
During the weekends you might like to go mountain biking in the woods or follow a trail. To be well prepared & safe you should bring FFEXS’ bike lights with you just in case you might need them. When it gets dark you want to make sure you are visible and are able to find your way back home! Our bike lights help you navigate through the dark. This way you will make it safely home.

The Benefits of FFEXS Bike Lights
– Bright and visible during Biking in the dark
– Increased Safety for you and others
– 2x front White and 2x rear Red Light
– Easy to attach and compact to carry with you
– Durable Battery & High Quality Light
– Different settings (centered and flashing)

In this Box
– 2 FFEXS front white lights
– 2 FFEXS red back lights

– We are always ready to help you get the most out of your product accessories.
– 100% Satisfaction and Risk-Free!

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Product Features

  • VALUE PACK – This Value Pack consists out of 2 white & 2 red Bike LED Lights. These will last a long time AND you have a spare set!
  • EASY TO ATTACH – These bright lights are easy to attach on/remove of any vehicle. During the week use them on your city bike while in the weekend you can go cruising on your mountain bike
  • LONG LIFE QUALITY – This simple but efficient design is made of high quality waterproof silicon for a longer lifespan. The premium quality material used will protect them from damaging quickly!
  • VISIBILITY FOR SAFETY – FFEXS Bike Lights are very bright, making you visible to others. Plus they provide you with a view on obstacles that lay ahead. Creating safety during your nightly escapades!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – FFEXS offers High Quality Products. Our team is always ready to help you get the most out of your product accessories. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!