Bodyguard Upgraded LED Bike Wheel Lights – Auto Discolorate, Ultra Bright Bicycle Spoke Lights, Waterproof Light String (1 pack) – Included One Charger

Upgrade bike wheel lights, only this one!
Rechargeable and intelligent bike wheel lights, free with a high-quality charger, reuse the battery, more environmentally friendly, more convenient and quick.

1.Use the screws to fix the battery box on the wheel wire
2.Tighten the screws on the battery case fixing arm
3.Wrap the intelligent light string on the wire
4.Insert the coin and rotate

There are four modes:Flash modes has Quick flash, Mid flash,Slow flash (The first three modes is white-blue) and Discoloration mode,
the white-blue color is automatic open and
close,the lights will turn off if it still over 15 seconds,Discoloration mode has to turn off by hand.
Note:If you need turn on light,please press the switch.Press the switch for a long time,the light will be turned off.Press the switch for a short time,you can change the modes.

If you installed the bike wheel lights and the lights are not on, but the lights can be turn on before you install it. Here are some solutions:
A. Do not let the end of the light string tangle together, or will be short-circuit;
B. The light string is too tight, please loose it and wind it again.
If it still doesn’t work, you could contact us freely, we will do our best to help you solve this issue.

1 x bike wheel lights
1*rechargeable battery
1*User Manual

Product Features

  • UNIQUE NEW MODE:Our bike light is 2017 New FEATURES,which is unique in the market,it can switch automatic discoloration mode.This upgraded new mode can make your bike light automatically discolorate which is really awesome function.
  • LOW BATTERY INDICATOR:So intimate design.The battery is full,the light color is white-blue color,When the electricity is low,it is red.If the battery voltage is low,the light is not discolored,you need to charge,then re-use,all the models are turned red.
  • RECGARGEABLE BATTERY:Charge is upgraded,only need one battery(which is rechargeable),and it comes with a free high quality charger.Re-use battery,more environmentally,more convenient and quick.Package including :1 charger,1 bike wheel lights,1 rechargeable battery.
  • FOUR MODES:There are four modes:Flash modes has Quick flash, Mid flash,Slow flash (The first three modes is white-blue) and Discoloration mode,the white-blue color is automatic open and close,Discoloration mode has to turn off by hand.One button can switch between automatic and non-automatic mode,press power button all the time will open it,press once will switch mode.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS AND MORE WATERPROOF DESIGN:20LED high brightness light string,it is more waterproof,it accord with IP65 waterproof standard. Beautiful box is a perfect gift!