Comfort Lock-on Bike Handlebar Grips – Ergo Rubber Cycling Bicycle Grips – Ergonomic Shape and Vibration/Shock Absorbent TPR Minimizes Fatigue Numbness and Hurt

Made from durable and recyclable thermoplastic elastomer / rubber, also known as TPR or TPE, the Entrac’s Ridge is a lock-on ergonomic comfort bike handlebar grip. The aluminum inner lock ring is CNC-machined and anodized to gray. The fine-tuned elasticity of the rubber coupled with the way it is shaped and textured makes the Ridge an optimized grip in terms of comfort and total non-slip traction and shock and vibration absorbing for the rider. The support for wrist joint is so formed that its edge is streamlined from outer end to center to fit the thumb of the rider to a T. This curved edge resembles a ridge, which is why it’s named. The Ridge helps get riders anywhere they want to be, high and low, with minimal fatigue and discomfort to the hands of the rider.

Product Features

  • MINIMIZED DISCOMFORT, FATIGUE, AND NUMBNESS – Shaped to ergo fit the rider’s hand to minimize fatigue, discomfort, or numbness from long or rough rides
  • ENGINEERED OPTIMAL RUBBER ELASTICITY – Enhanced comfort, non-slip traction, and shock-absorbing
  • DURABLE RECYCLABLE RUBBER – Made from durable recyclable thermoplastic elastomer rubber, aka TPR/TPE or Kraton
  • CNC-MACHINED ALUMINUM LOCK RING – Precisely machined and anodized to gray/titanium look
  • STAINLESS STEEL LOCK RING SCREW – Anti-rust and durable, survives long rides under rough weather conditions