GlowRiders – Ultra Bright LED – Bike Wheel Light String (1 pack) – Assorted Colors Bicycle Tire Accessories- Burning Man Accessory Christmas Gift (7 Colors In One)

Colorful and bright LED light string accessory! Can be used to light up your wheels or your bicycle frame. These waterproof neon lights are great to provide safety and visibility to your bike at night, and also to add some glow and shine to your bike. GlowRiders uses 20 Micro LEDs on a 7 foot string that can be wrapped around your bike or wheel spokes. Available in 6 different colors (Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink, and Multicolor). Each package includes 1 seven foot string of lights, 1 battery housing, 4 ties to attach the housing and clear instructions. Battery pack attaches to the inside of the wheel on standard spokes. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Lights last for 48 hours. Can be cut to size to fit almost any tire 20″ and under. Caution: You will get a lot of attention with these lights. 🙂 Perfect for festivals like Burning Man )'( Comes in Blue, Red, Pink, Green, White and Multicolor. Brighter than El Wire! Also great for Christmas, Halloween, Fairy Lights, or decorative lights.

Product Features

  • 1 ultra bright LED Bike Light accessories for the wheel / tire spoke / or the bicycle frame
  • 7 foot long decorative light string of 20 LEDs. Bike lights for safety at night.
  • 6 different LED colors (Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink, Multicolor).
  • Waterproof and durable accessory. Batteries last 48 hours continuously! Great for Burning Man festival or as fairy lights.
  • 3 AA Batteries Required. Brighter than El Wire!