JOY COLORFUL Bicycle Bags Front Tube Frame Cycling Packages Touch Screen Mobile Phone Bags Professional Accessories, Blue, Large

Also riding a bicycle, things too much no place to worry about it? Still riding a bicycle in the pocket of the phone rang can not answer and worry? Our products are designed to solve your troubles. The JOY COLORFUL bicycle bag is unique: JOY COLORFUL bicycle tube pack is a professional outdoor bicycle bag. With four colors, three models corresponding to 5.5,4.8,4.2 inch touch screen mobile phone. Suitable for a variety of bike models for your bicycle travel to bring more convenience. Product features: ⒈JOY COLORFUL bicycle bag fabric with 600d polyester & blue diamond rhombic pu, matte leather, transparent pvc Velcro, better stability. ⒉Pvc can be a transparent mobile phone bag, flexible, non-toxic pollution, save a long time. Anti-tear polyester, durability, high gloss. External headset and data cable jack. ⒊U-type double zipper back design, specially made with logo green plastic zipper, feel comfortable, after the opening design, easy to pick up items. ⒋JOY COLORFUL bicycle bag at the bottom of the use of built-in pe partition to ensure maximum use of space, built-in pe cotton bag and pe items effectively separated from the provision of good cushioning performance. ⒌User-friendly design of acute angle, increase the bottom of the non-slip area at the same time, to ensure that the bag cover zipper. ⒍The bottom near the bike car beam surface attached anti-skid leather to avoid sliding in the course of riding. ⒎Comes with mainstream audio extension cable, followed with the use, while addressing the issue of headphone cable is too short, so that music more heart, with the nature, accompanied. Products include: A JOY COLORFUL original bike car package an audio extension cable (inside the package).

Product Features

  • Classical design style and colorful color
  • Clear pv mobile phone pocket
  • Never deformed material
  • Humanized storage design
  • Audio extension cable