Kangora Gel Bike Seat Cover | Universal Padded Cushion for Exercise, Cycling, Mountain, Cruiser, Stationary Bicycles | Wide, Soft, Supportive Padding | Men, Women (Black)

It’s Time for a More Comfortable Bike Ride

Cushioned padding for on and off-road adventures.

Enhanced Comfort

This thick, ultra-supportive bike seat cover helps reduce pressure on the prostate and ischium to give you better back, seat and spin comfort.

Breathable Spandex Fabric

A sweat and odor-resistant seat cushion, the material is lightweight and extra durable to give you proper support without making you sweat.

High-Density Sponge

We use heavy-duty sport foam to provide a softer ride that’s not only thicker and more stable, but also withstands long, hard rides and long-lasting use.

Anti-Skid Seating

Crafted with slip-resistant particles, our seat cushion cover helps improve ride quality by keeping you from sliding around while pedaling, turning or climbing hills.

What’s Included

Gel Seat Saddle Cushion

Product Features

  • Cushioned Back & Seat Support – This wide, gel padded bike seat cover provides premier comfort by reducing seat discomfort and shock for a smoother ride.
  • Universal Biking Compatibility – A hybrid bike seat cushion made for a wide range of bicycles, this fits stationary, exercise, mountain, road, and standard bikes.
  • Fitness & Goal Consistency – A cushioned bike seat cover helps minimize back, seat and spine pain so you can continue to get your miles in and stay on track.
  • Improved Thickness & Reliability – Each long-lasting mountain bike seat cover offers high-quality padding, making it great for extended use both on and off-road.
  • Kangora Guarantee – Every padded bike seat cover we craft is backed by customer service you can trust. Contact us immediately with any questions or concerns.