KEWAYO Multi Functions Wireless Cyclocomputer, Waterproof Cycling Bike Odometer Bycicle Speedometer

This KEWAYO bike computer is one of the classic wireless bike computers with comprehensive function and steady property.
With this bicycle computer, you can manage riding life more scientific and more reasonable.
Furthermore, it is convenient to use, so it is becoming more and more popular among cyclist.

Tips:Not suiltable for stationary bike or spin bike

Parameters should be setted after installing battery
1.Tyre Circumference:(0mm~9999mm)
2.Speed Unit(km/h,mile/h)
3.The Last Value of Odometer
4.Clock Format (12H/24H)

1.SPD Current Speed
2.ODO Odometer (0.1~9999.9 Km or Mile)
3.DST Trip Distance
4.MAX Maximum Speed
5.AVS Average Speed
6.TM Trip Time
7.CLK Clock / (12H/24H)
10.Freeze Frame Memory
11.Signal Interference-resistance
12.Sleeping Mode

Power source of receiver: CR2032 battery
Power source of sensor: “23A 12V” Alkaline battery
Dimensions: 11.5 * 7* 4cm
Package weight: 76g

Package Includes
1 * Computer unit
1 * CR2032 battery
1 * Mounting bracket
1 * Magnet
1 * Sensor
1 *”23A 12V” Alkaline battery(have been installed in the sensor)
4 * Cable tie
1 * User manual

Product Features

  • Multi functions: Current/Average/Max speed, Elapsed time, Trip/Total Distance and Clock, etc; Offer accurate riding datas, manage your cycling life more scientific and reasonable.
  • Practical and convenient: Km/h or Mile/h unit selectable; Computer unit can be easily mount on handbar or stem; Wireless riding data transmittion, avoid inconvenience of wire, sensor is easy to install.
  • Automatic sleeping mode and manual awake: If no signal arrives after 300 seconds, the computer will enter sleeping mode, then all functions are auto shut off except clock for power saving. When start riding again, please press any button to start-up it.
  • Waterproof: Riding in a rainy day is ok, but don’t put in the rainstorm or soak in water for a long time.
  • Not suiltable for stationary bike or spin bike; Suitable for all types of bicycles which spokes diameter range is 0-4.5 mm, road bike, mountain bike, folding bike, common bicycle.