SCICON Aero Comfort Triathlon TSA Bike Bag

The AeroComfort Triathlon is the world’s first bike bag with integrated metal structure for increased protection and ultimate comfort specifically designed for air transportation oftriathlon bikes. The concept of the AeroComfort Triathlon allows the bike to remain in its original setup, without having to remove the handlebars, handlebar extensions or seat post. With an ever growing number of electronic group sets, the AeroComfort Triathlons removes the need of technical dismounting and mounting of complex and integrated wiring.The AeroComfort Triathlon has been designed around the whole geometry of triathlon bikes with special attention to seat post and handlebar extensions, adding further comfort, functionality and protection. Based on the award winning concept of the AeroComfort bike bag with integrated Antishock Bike Frame, we have created a product that complements a good bike fit by allowing the original settings to remain fully intact, while providing the best level of protection to transport the bike. When it comes to competing in Triathlon events, being equipped with the right gear is equally important as speed and versatility. With the AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag you will find a product that perfectly secures your bike for air travel, getting your bike safe to all of your destinations. Offering the flexibility and lightness of a bike bag, combined with the stability and the security of a bike case, the AeroComfort Triathlon is the perfect solution for Triathletes that need to travel to training camps or competitions. The integrated Antishock Bike Frame, specially designed to brace the bike’s frame protects all critical parts from impacts and vibrations.The characteristic shape of the AeroComfort Triathlon allows you to keep the settings of the bike intact, while protecting the bike’s most critical parts

Product Features

  • AeroComfort Triathlon TSA (Air Travel)
  • Material SciCon Nylon Fabbric 840 PADDED
  • Fastening Self-Healings Zips
  • Weigh 9 Kg
  • Dimensions L 132 x D 45 x H 90 cm