Selle SMP Hybrid Cycling Saddle, White

Selle smp hybrid saddle is the lighter weight version of the smp extra saddle thanks to its weight-saving rails. It weighs 95 grams less than the smp extra saddle. Selle smp hybrid provides exceptional comfort as well as many of same benefits and features found selle smp’s high-end saddle without breaking the bank. Its patented features – central cutout channel, eagle-beak nose and the raised rear design – evenly distributes your body weight, relieves pressure points, ensures better blood flow, and allows you to pedal more EFFICIENTLY. Selle smp hybrid saddle is perfect for racing, recreational riding (on and off the road) and commuting.

Product Features

  • Durable svt (smp vacuum tech) synthetic cover
  • Soft polyurethane padding for added comfort
  • Nylon 12 filled with carbon fiber shell with anatomic central cutout design for pressure-relief
  • Aisi 304 stainless steel tube rails compatible with most seat posts
  • Dimensions/weight: 275 x 140 mm (lxw)/300 grams