Simply Pure Hydration – Purist Water Bottle by Specialized Bikes (Watergate Cap, Translucent ), Pink, 22 oz.

Simply Pure Purist 22 sports bottles offer all the benefits of glass with the convenience and versatility of plastic.

Product Features

  • WATERGATE CAP – the most popular cap. High rate of fluid flow. Hands free open and close. 100% leak-proof top locks down for transport. Self-sealing Heart Valve to prevent leaks, even when valve is open! Easy clean cap.
  • STAINLESS, ODOR-FREE, NO TASTE RESIDUE. BPA free plastic made from FDA food-grade materials and printed with non-solvent base (UV cured) CPSC-approved ink.
  • EASY TO USE – EASY TO POUR. Lightweight flexible bottle with an easy-grip and a quick fit into your bike cage or bottle holster.
  • FLEXIBLE LIKE A SPORT BOTTLE, CLEAN LIKE A GLASS. Specialized purist technology gives you the flexibility and safety of a sports bottle with the pure taste of drinking from a glass.
  • DIMENSIONS – Bottle stands 8 inches and 9.5 inches with the cap on. Diameter is 3 inches. MADE IN THE USA.