WHEEL UP Photochromic Sunglasses Cycling Sports Mountain Road Bicycle Eyewear

Please Note:
❶Remove the nose clip first before removing lens.
❷Install glasses legs: Left hand hold glass frames, right hand hold glass leg, turn inward 90 degree.
❸Remove glasses legs: Left hand hold glass frames, right hand hold glass leg, to the outside 90 degree.

❶Smart photochromic color change in sunny day, cloudy day, at room or night, one lens can easy coping.
❷PC material lens, ultraviolet resistance UV400.
❸Protection cyclist eyes from UV-400 UV (100% UV protection).
❹3 sets of lens give more choice.
❺With myopia frame, myopia lens can be put in.
❻High quality polycarbonate, flexible, anti violet ray lens and durable frame.
❼Environmental protection soft silicone adjustable nose pads.

Lenses: 3 IN 1 LENS
Transmittance: 80%-18% (80% is light gray when in low UV, 18% is dark gray when in high UV)
Color: Black
Product Weight: 31g/1.09oz
Lens Material: PC
Material frame: TR plastic frame

Package Included:
1x SP108 Cycling Eyewear Frame
1x Discolor Lens
1x Gain Light Lens
1x Polarized Lens
1x Myopia Frame
1x Test Card
1x Hang Rope
1x Glass Case
1x Glass Bag
1x Clean Cloth
1x Storage Bag
1x Manual

Product Features

  • ❶WARRANTY: 1 year with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.
  • ❷PHOTOCHROMIC: Transparent glasses will change color depending on the intensity of the UV light and temperature. Lens induct ultraviolet strength to change color. When in explosive sun, glasses indicate dark gray; In cloudy day, color change to light gray; At room or night, it’s transparent.
  • ❸MYOPIA FRAME: Support myopia lens in, the best for myope. 3 set lens with discolored lens, light lens and polarized lens.
  • ❹MATERIAL: PC lens, ultraviolet-proof and high toughness. 12 times resistance than the resin lens. No break in accidents, make sure safety in cycling.
  • ❺APPLICATION: Ideal for cycling, skiing, sledding children, fishing, running and other outdoor sports.